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Great Wine Tasting Spots

Wine tasting is fun! This city has all sort of events mixing wine, people and lots of socializing. Here are some great spots for treating your taste buds and mind to some different flavors and people.

Featured Wine
Ruston Family Vineyards 2003
Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Ruston Family Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Wine's History
The Ruston Family started farming in 1941 with prune & walnut orchids. Much has changed since then. On their small sloping hillside vineyard, the Ruston family grows cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc & petite verdot grape vines in place of their orchid. The vineyard has also chosen to buy grapes from a few choice vineyards in the Napa Valley, such as the Stagecoach Vineyard, in the mountains east of Oakville, & the Kenefick Ranch in Calistoga.

Wine's Flavor
Their sauvignon blanc is a crisp, refreshing dry white wine. It offers aromas of white flowers, melon, kiwifruit, citrus and cream. With citrus as well as tropical notes, a lot of zip and a long racy finish.

Featured Winary Ruston Family Wine

Pairing With Food
This sauvignon blanc is a medium bodied white that would go great with seafood, before dinner or just any nice summer day. Its long racy finish has a lot of zip.

** The featured wine is provided by Vendome Liquor. This wine all featured wine can be purcahsed at Vendom

August Wine Events At Vendome
Wine tasting is always fun! Some you go for the people, some you go for the wine. Most of the time, its the people that makes the event entertaining. Here are the August events at Vendome.

    August 2-Winery Wednesday-Lava Cap- $5.00

    Great fruit becomes great wine only with exceptional care and attention to detail. Tom Jones, Lava Cap's winemaker, tends a state-of-the-art facility in which cellar practices preserve and enhance all the exceptional qualities of our mountain-grown fruit.

    August 3-Beer Bonanza Thursday-Red Hook Brewery-$3.00

    Yes, that's right for all of you who hate change we are keeping one more Beer Bonanza Thursday.   Especially just for you.   Red Hook Brewery out of Washington bring us their IPA, ESB, Blonde & more.

    August 4-Friday Flights-Spanish Reds & Whites-Flight Prices

    Its not going to take the inquisition to have you join us for this event.   We thought Spanish wines couldn't get any hotter, well once again they have hit an all time high.

    August 9-Winery Wednesday- Ruffino-$5.00

    I say Ruffino, you say Chianti, but there is more than that.   Closely related but slightly different, the Sangiovesse offers up different hints of other fruits.   Join us as we explain the difference between Chianti and Chianti Classico.  

    August 11-Friday Flights- Cabernet Galore-Flight Prices

    Life is a Cabernet!   Come out and see what we mean.   We'll be pouring cabs from all over the place, South Africa, Australia, Napa, Chile and more.

    August 15-Beer Bonanza Tuesday- Rouge Ales-$3.00

    Join the Rouge Nation.   Even wonder about the look alike picture of George Clooney on some of the bottles?   Join us and we'll discuss it.   Who is it?!

    August 16-Winery Wednesday- Crauford plus Selaks & Baldacci-$5.00

    Crauford has got some great wines and good names to go along with them.   Who can resist drinking a wine named the Kilt Lifter, of Tattoo?   Also we'll be comparing a New Zealand, Selaks Sauvignon Blanc and Baldacci to the Crauford name.

    August 18-Friday Flights- Around the World Blind Tasting-$15.00

    Come out and see if you can distinguish which wine comes from which country.    You won't be blind folded, but we aren't going to tell you what   kind of wine of where its from.   You'll just have to guess.

    August 22-Beer Bonanza Tuesday- Lost Coast Brewery-$3.00

    Beer Bonanza first Tuesday Nite.   Join us to make it happen.   Lost Coast Brewery located in beautiful Eureka, California, they have been brewing beer for over ten years and it was all started by two women.   

    August 23-Winery Wednesday- Sebastiani-$5.00

    Join Vendome and Mia Carnes, Sebastiani's Southern Californian Sales Manager, as we go through a great line up of Sebastiani Wines.  

    August 25-Friday Flights- Kobrands Italy Seminar-$25.00

    Is there more to Italian wines than Chianti?   You better believe it!   Silvio di Silvio, Italian Specialist from Kobrands will here to hold an Italian Seminar with his best wines from the Kobrands portfolio.   RESERVATIONS NEEDED.

    August 29-Beer Bonanza Tuesday- Beers from around the World-$5.00

    Take a trip around the world and see what other beers get people drunk.   Beers from places you haven't even heard of will be served such as beers from exotic China and unexplored Italy.   Yeah, I know hold on to your seats.

    August 30-Winery Wednesday- Grgich Hills Winery-$5.00

    Which came first the bio-dynamics or organic?   Does it matter? Grgich has obtained both.   Bio meaning life, living organism, dynamic meaning energy , as this relates to growing grapes, it means treating the soil as a living organism & working to bring the grapevine and the earth into balance.

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